40tude Dialog Company: Softwareentwicklung M.Mönnig Author: Marcus Mönnig (Betaware) (Donationware) (free for personal use) Windows OS: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP NOTES: Windows 95 needs the "Winsock 2" update from Microsoft. Languages: English and many other languages

Description: 40tude Dialog is a feature loaded, multi-server, multi-threaded Windows newsreader with Unicode character support. It supports multiple servers and identities, has filtering/scoring support, integrated email functionality and binary support including support for multiparts. NOTES: To run 40tude Dialog on Windows 95 you need the "Winsock 2" update (see site). The time limitation has been removed (beginning with v (Beta 32)). Home page: download v 2.0 Beta 38 (Built (2005-02-07) [ 4d2b38.exe (3913 KB)]

(above links not active as at Aug 11 2007) download