4DOS Company: JP Software Inc. Author: Rex Conn (Freeware) unsupported Windows OS: n/a NOTES: Windows-based installer.16-bit DOS application for any DOS version 3.0 or higher (MS-DOS, Windows 95/98/ME, PC-DOS, Novell DOS, FreeDOS, etc. Other OS: DOS Languages: English

Description: Command line shell, supports LFN. "Far more powerful than the built-in Windows or DOS command line, 4DOS make the C:\ prompt flexible and robust, and give you hundreds of new batch file tools as well! Familiar standard commands such as COPY and DIR are still fully supported, so you'll find them easy to use immediately without a long learning period. A thorough and extensive help system is instantly accessible to assist you at any time." Home page: download page v 7.50 build 130 (freeware release date 2004-08-26) [ 4dos.exe (1252 KB)]