Calendar Magic Company: EuroSoft Author: Alex Balfour (Freeware) Windows OS: Windows 95/98/ME/XP NOTES: Requires VB6 runtime Languages: English

Description: Full year and monthly calendars for 23 different calendar systems. Alternative planning calendars. A month-by-month, side-by-side comparison of any two of the 23 calendar systems supported. The display remains synchronised as you change day, month and year values in either calendar system being viewed. Date conversions among the 23 calendar systems supported. British regnal date conversion. Lists of Western Christian, Eastern Orthodox, Buddhist, Chinese, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, Baha'i and Sikh festivals. "Observed Days" for any year from 1990 for around 230 countries worldwide. "Date Detective" command button to tabulate the weekday on which a specified Gregorian date d/m occurs for each of the years in the specified range y1 to y2. The ability to create, display, update and delete reminders for events (birthdays, anniversaries, meetings etc.). A Quick Notes facility. Alarm clock and stopwatch facilities. A time calculator for performing arithmetic with times. "This is your life" information including day-of-the-week on which you were born, number of days you have lived etc. Continuously updated display of date, time and Julian day. Number of days between any two dates in the Gregorian calendar. Calculation of the date n days, weeks, months or years before or after a specified Gregorian date, where n is a whole number. An analysis of the Gregorian 400-year cycle, after which the Gregorian calendar repeats itself. Special calendars for 1582 and 1752. Solar and lunar astronomical data. Shortest (great circle) distances between any two of 8000 locations across the world. Current local time and date in any of these 8000 locations. Seven major utilities (scientific calculator, expression calculator, geometry calculator, factor calculator, pregnancy calculator, unit converter, magic squares). Home page: download page v 16.3 (2006-10-28) [ (2151 KB)] alternate download page