ConText Company: -- Author: Eden Kirin (Donationware) (free) Windows OS: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP Languages: English; language packs for other languages

Description: ConTEXT is small, fast and powerful text editor for software developers. It offers syntax highlighting support for the most popular scripting languages, inclding HTML, PHP, Java, VB, SQL, Python, Perl and many others - and of course plain .txt files. It features unlimited open files without any limits on file sizes. It includes a macro recorder, project support, bookmarks and much more. ConTEXT is highly customizable and allows you to change syntax highlighting colors, cursor shapes, right margin, gutter, line spacing as well as user definable execution keys and other things. Additional features include search and replace across all open files, compiler support, code templates, file explorer, text sort, column block selection (supported by ALT key), and others. Home page: download v 0.98.4 (2005-10-25) [ ConTEXTsetup.exe (1633 KB)]