EditPad Lite Company: -- Author: Jan Goyvaerts (Liteware) (free for personal use/ some non-commercial uses) Windows OS: Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP Other OS: Linux Languages: English; Dutch; Italian; German; Portuguese

Description: EditPad Lite is a light text editor and Notepad replacement. It has all the features a solid text editor needs without any bloat. You can open as many files at a time as you want, with no arbitrary file size limit. Each file will have its own tab. You can convert between ANSI, ASCII, and Unicode, and work with Unix and Mac files. You can search and replace across all open files. It has unlimited undo and redo and powerful print preview. Additional features include hyperlink support, auto-indent, line numbering, word wrap, column block selection (supported by ALT key), external browser support, customizable font and color, ROT- 13 encoding and more. You can have EditPad store its settings in an .ini file instead of the registry. This allows portability (you can carry around EditPad on a disk) and it keeps the registry clean. EditPad fully supports double byte character systems (DBCS) so you can edit texts written in Far East languages, such as Chinese, Japanese or Korean, as easily as those written in European languages. Home Page: download v 6.1.2 (2006-10-27) [ SetupEditPadLite.exe (2888 KB) Windows]