Online antvirus/antitrojan Scanners Edit

Why use online scanners as opposed to downloading and installing local scanners?

  • Avoid conflicts with existing security software
  • Ease of management, single file scanners allows quick checks when you are not allowed to install security software.
  • Some sites allow multiple engine checks.
  • Quicker updates (some sites), always most up-to-date signatures (some sites)


  • No real-time protection
  • Requires internet access
  • For full disk scans, it is generally slower than installing and scanning with local copy, although subsequent checks require only signature updates
  • Uploading single files is definitely slower than scanning with an already installed scanner.
  • In either case, not suitable for dial-up.
  • Fewer scanning options and control than your local software copy.
  • Some scanners hosted on third party sites might have signatures that lag behind the official ones.
  • Single file scanners have file limits.
  • Some scans do not disinfect, some only have limited scan abilities.
  • Privacy/confidential issues for those that require file uploads of sensitive files.

Full disk scans Edit

Below are a list of scanners that scan your full hard-disk. The engine underlying each scan is noted so you can avoid duplication with scanners you already have. If a freeware version of the scanner (or at least roughly the same engine) is available for local use it is indicated. Most allow you to scan specific folders as well. Almost all have options to scan archives, those that do not are "tested" by scanning with a zipped version of eicar, though this is not a foolproof test. A few scanners only detect problems but do not offer to disinfect or even delete the offending file; these are indicated.

Name Screenshot ActiveX required Java required Engine used Freeware downloadable scanner available? Scans selected folders? Scans archives? Cleans? Notes
A-squared Web Malware Scanner A2sqaured Yes No A2 Squared A2 Squared free Yes Yes Yes Allows customized whitelist.
Arcaonline 100 px Yes No ArcaVir ArcaMicroScan Yes Yes Yes Does not work in default internet zone. Add to trusted zone.
Ahnlab or alternative Ahnlab Yes No Ahnlabs No Yes Yes Yes Allows backup before attempting to repair
Bitdefender Online Bitdefenderiii Yes No Bitdefender BitDefender 8 Free Edition Yes Yes Yes Popular. Recommended.Alternative site
Command Online 100 px Yes No Command Antivirus based on F-prot engine No,except for unsupported F-prot dos Yes Yes Yes Similar to Freedom Online Virus Check
ESET Online Scanner New Eset Yes No Eset NOD32 No No Yes Yes -
eTrust Antivirus Web Scanner Etrust Yes No Etrust One year trial Yes Yes Yes -
Ewido online scan Ewido Yes No Ewido AVG Anti-Spyware No Yes Yes Does memory,registry scan as well. Recommended.
Freedom Online Virus Check 100 px Yes No F-Secure No Yes Yes Yes Similar to Command Online.
F-Secure Online Virus Scanner Fsecure Yes No F-Secure No Yes Yes Yes Includes scans for rootkits (Blacklight?)
Hauri LiveCall Scanner 100 px Yes No  ??? No Yes Yes Yes -
Kaspersky Online Virus Scanner Kav Yes No KAV MWAV or Active Virus Shield Yes Yes No French
McAfee FreeScan 100px Yes No McAfee No Choose between C:, My Documents and Windows files Yes No -
MKS_Vir 100px Yes No  ??? No Yes  ???  ??? -
Panda ActiveScan Panda3 Yes No Panda No Yes Yes Yes Does not remove spyware, dialers, hack tools and security risks. Uses TruPrevent. You can add shortcut from browser,desktop or start menu to scanner. NanoScan or ActiveScan are able to detect more than the installed, active and updated Panda security products. Popular.
Panda NanoScan 100px Yes No Panda No No No No Beta. Only detects Active malware.Uses TruPrevent. One minute or less to scan whole hard-disk. NanoScan or ActiveScan are able to detect more than the installed, active and updated Panda security products.
Panda TotalScan 100px Yes No Panda No Yes Yes Yes Checks for all type of malware. Requires free registration to disinfect.
PC Pitstop virus scanner 100 px Yes No Panda No Yes Yes No Pitstop also hosts McAfee FreeScan which has the same capabilities as the one hosted on McAfee.
Rising AV 100px Yes No Rising No Yes Yes No Took a long time to download
Windows Live™ OneCare™ Windowslive Yes No RAV No No Yes Yes -
Symantec Security Scan™ 100px Yes No Norton AV No No No No -
Trend Micro HouseCall Housecall Yes No Trend No Yes Yes Yes Gives you choice of Java or Activex scanner. Popular
Trend Micro (Euro) HouseCall 100px No Yes Trend No Yes Yes Yes The only one that uses Java and not ActiveX.But works only in Firefox not Opera.
TrendSecure 100px Yes No Trend No Yes Yes Yes -
TrojanScan 100 px Yes No A2 squared A2 Squared free Yes Yes Yes This is exactly the same as the one hosted on the offical A2 squared site.
Virus Chaser Online Scan 100 px Yes No DrWeb Dr.Web CureIt! or Dr.WEB link checkers in your browser Yes Yes Yes Unable to get this one to work. see also

Single file scans Edit

These scanners are useful in that you don't require Java or ActiveX enabled to work. There is no need to download sizable files, you just upload the file to the site, and it gives you a reply on whether it is clean or not. Besides some privacy concerns of such scanners (you need to send the whole file through the net) , a big downside is that almost all of the existing single file scanners allow you to check only very small files. In fact, if you want to check single files, most of the time it is better to use one of the third party multiple engine scanner sites because they not only scan with more engines but also have a larger size limits. Still such multi-engine sites are often very busy and they might not have as updated signatures as the single file scanner sites which are "official".

Name ActiveX required Java required Engine used Freeware downloadable scanner available? Maximum File size Notes
AVAST No No AVAST 512 kb -
Avert(r) Labs WebImmune (registration required but free) No No Mcaffee No 3 Mb Free Registration required, allows email submission also if greater than 3mb
ClamAV No No ClamAV ClamWin 500 kbytes -
Dr Web No No Dr Web Dr.Web CureIt! or Dr.WEB link checkers in your browser 12 Mb The online scanning is made by the Dr.Web anti-virus with the most up-to-date virus databases updated once or twice an hour and by the special base for detection of spyware,adware and other unsolicited software.
Eset Online Scanner No No Eset ThreatSense No unknown In Slovak
Fortiguard No No FortiGuard No 1 Mb
Hitman Pro No No See comments See comments 8 Mb HitmanPro is actually a utility to manage multiple scanners.
IKARUS Free Email-Scanner No No Ikarus No 1 Mb Sent sample through email.
Kaspersky File Scanner No No KAV MWAV or Active Virus Shield 1 Mb Updates every three hours ensure that even the very newest viruses can be detected.If you have several potentially suspicious files, you can check them one after the other, or create an archive file (in zip, arj or similar format) and check that. The archive should not be larger than 1 MB.
UNA online No No UNA No 2 Mb -

Multiple engine scans Edit

These sites allow you to check files against multiple AV engines. The catch is you are allowed to only check one file at the time. As you might expect, using more engines gives you greater assurance that a checked file is really clean as compared to using one engine only but it also increases the chance of one or more engines giving a false positive (it doesn't help some of the engines are set to the highest levels for heuristics). It should also be noted that the engine/definition versions employed by the online multi-engine services may lag behind the latest released for one or more of the engines although this situation steadily improved through 2006.

In the past year (2006), use of such sites have become very very popular, and as such it often takes a while to get results. Virus.Org Malware scanning service is probably currently the least well known of the sites and perhaps least busy.

Name ActiveX required Java required No of Engines used Maximum file size Notes
Jotti's malware scan No No 20 25Mb Uses linux versions of scanners, might not have the same results as windows version.
Virus.Org Malware scanning service No No 18 Unknown -


No No 25 10 Mb -
VirusTotal No No 31 32 Mb VirusTotal Updater is a tool for sending samples to VirusTotal that you can download here. Once installed, you'll have the 'Send to -> VirusTotal' option in the Windows contextual menu when you right-click on a file. Once the file transfer is done, you'll get the reply through the web interface using your browser

Sandboxing single file scans Edit

Probably more useful for advanced users.

Name Technique used Maximum file size Notes
Anubis System emulation (Qemu) Unknown Results obtained directly in browser or via email, protects against attempts to check for virtualization and more
Joebox Function intercepting No limit Submit by email to
PC Tools Threat Expert Unknown Unknown Results via email
Norman Sandbox System emulation Unknown Results via email
Sunbelt Sandbox Function intercepting 8 Mb Results via email, Alternative demo site

Other Online scanners (mostly antispyware) Edit

  1. Aluria - Free Spyware Scanner -
  2. CounterSpy Spyware Scan -
  3. Earthlink Scanner -
  4. myNetWatchman SecCheck - - Uses ClamAV and F-secure + hash checks, behavior checks and audit checks.
  5. MySpyZero -
  6. Panda Xposer -
  7. Pest Patrol online scanner - and
  8. RegFreeze -
  9. Tenebril -
  10. Trend Antispy for web -
  11. Webroot spy audit- and
  12. Xcleaner - also
  13. ZoneAlarm Spyware Scanner - and

Parasite Activex Check Edit

  1. Aumha check (limited to Activex controls) - and
  2. Computer Helpdesk -
  3. - Parasite Check (limited to Activex controls)-
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Online website malware scanner (crawls website and scans the content)Edit

  1. Quttera - Online URLs/Websites Scanner -
  2. - Scans URLs -
  3. URLvoid - URL and Website check -