Programmer's File Editor (PFE) Company: -- Author: Alan Phillips (Freeware) LFW (v 1.01) Windows OS: Windows 3x/95/98/NT/2000 Languages: English

Description: Programmer's File Editor (PFE) is a large-capacity text file editor, oriented towards those who use Windows as their program development environment, and so incorporates many features that make it a convenient work management system. Although it's primarily oriented to program development, it makes a very powerful general editor for any purpose at all. PFE's capacity is essentially limited only by the total amount of memory available on your system. There are no editor-imposed limits on the number of files that you can edit simultaneously, nor on the number of edit windows that you may have open. There is no limit on the size of file that can be handled, and none on the number of lines that a file may contain. PFE adheres strictly to the Windows MDI conventions. You can invoke most commands and facilities from menus; you can move around with a mouse or with the standard keyboard shortcuts; you can cut and paste from the clipboard, and so on. COMMENTS: Works well on XP Home too. Home Page: download page download v 1.01 (1999-02-01) [ (607kb) Win 95/98/NT/2000] [ (545kb) Win 3.1]