AbiWord TEXT: Editor: Word Processor

All-Purpose Spell Checker (APSC) TEXT: Spellchecker

AllChars TEXT: Extended Characters; Form Filler

Atlantis Nova TEXT: Editor: Word Processor

Clipomatic TEXT: Clipboard utility

ConText TEXT: Editor: Code

Crypt Edit TEXT: Editor: Word Processor

eCleaner TEXT: Text Tool: Email Stripper

EditPad Lite TEXT: Editor: Code

Extended Character Map TEXT: Extended Characters

HTMSTRIP TEXT: Convert: HTML To Text And Tables

Jarte TEXT: Word processor for RTF and Plain Text

MetaPad TEXT: Editor

NoteTab Light TEXT: Editor

PDFCreator TEXT: Convert Text To PDF

Pdftk - the PDF Toolkit TEXT: PDF Tool

Programmer's File Editor (PFE) TEXT: Editor

PSPad TEXT: Editor: Code

SciTE TEXT: Editor: Code

TDiff (TextDiff) TEXT: Compare Text In

The Font Thing TEXT: Font Manager

Visual Thought TEXT: Organiser

Yankee Clipper III TEXT: Clipboard: Extender


This is the ubiquitous text editor that comes with all versions of Windows. It is excellent for writing short notes. If you haven't done so already, I recommend putting a shortcut to NotePad in your Windows\SendTo or DocumentsAndSettings\username\SendTo folder. This makes it easy to see the content of some files that have no associated program.

NotePad ReplacementsEdit

The following programs are often recommended due to additional functionality and/or customization.