The Proxomitron Company: -- Author: Scott Lemmon (Freeware) Windows OS: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP Languages: English; French; Korean (documentation available in other languages)

Description: Using special HTML filters, the Proxomitron can transform web pages on the fly - changing most anything you wish. Speed your browsing by saying goodbye to slow loading cyber spam and other web-gimmickry. Customize pages to suit your tastes. Take control of your web viewing, and don't be slave to some web-master's whims. Works with any browser to eliminate cyber-spam like pop-up windows, alerts, banners, animated GIFs, auto-play music, sounds, dynamic HTML, and more. Replace background images with your own, rewrite JavaScripts, even filter normally hidden HTTP header messages. Program description: download page: download page v 4.5 (2003-06- ) [ ProxN45j.exe (1380 KB)] [ (1110 KB)]